She is very hard working, dedicated, determined and an excellent money-saver! She loves people and is fantastic at making everyone feel great.

Transitional Program

If you are a member of WRDSS who is currently making the transition from high school to your adult life, then you may apply for a bursary to be used towards paying for services to assist with developing your life in the community after high school.

In order to qualify you:

  • must be a member of WRDSS in good standing for a minimum of one calendar year
  • are not attached to any other Community Participation Program
  • are still waiting for Passport funding
  • must be willing to volunteer 10-15 hours to help WRDSS plan and execute our fundraising and social events over the next year

If you would like to apply for the Transitional Bursary, please click here for the form.

For more information, please contact our bursary committee by: