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Camp Bursary

WRDSS is excited to offer a camp bursary to assist with extra costs that can be associated with inclusion support for summer camps for our children with Down syndrome, and hope to open doors to some camp experiences that otherwise would not be possible.

Purpose of the Camp Bursary:

The camp bursary is to assist families with costs involved over and above regular camp fees, for children (ages 4-17) with Down syndrome to attend and participate in any camps. In some cases the extra cost may be an additional fee charged by the camp for the camp to provide their own Inclusion Facilitators, or may be the cost involved with hiring and supplying your own support worker to attend the camp with your child.

What Qualifies for Reimbursement From the Bursary:

The camp bursary is to assist in costs incurred for Inclusion Facilitators or support workers, supporting the family's child, between the ages of 4-17, at a camp. The camp can be either full time or part time. The bursary will not reimburse for regular camp fees, transportation costs to the camp or meals or snacks incurred during the camp.

For a family to be reimbursed they will need to provide:

  • a copy of the invoice/receipt of payment for the camp registrations, proof of attendance at a camp


  • A copy of the invoice/receipt of payment for the fee of the Inclusion Facilitator provided by the camp


  • A copy of the invoice or support form signed by the support person. If an invoice is being provided, the name, address, contact and signature of the Inclusion Facilitator needs to be included on the invoice. Otherwise complete the form attached.


  • A privately provided support person needs to be 18 years old or older
  • The family will need to pay the support person directly as WRDSS will reimburse the family only. WRDSS will not pay a support person directly
  • Regular volunteer hours will be verified before receiving this bursary


How to Apply:


There are two ways to apply to the Camp Bursary Program.


1)      Online Application Form – click here


2)      Paper Application Form, to be printed, filled out, scanned and sent back via email – click here