It's not my extra chromosome that makes me happy. It's because I am loved.

Mothers Connection

As part of our new parent support program, the Mothers Connection group is a great opportunity for moms with a child with Down syndrome to share celebrations, struggles, goals, practical information, and resources in a comfortable and supportive environment. It is also a wonderful experience for all our children, 6 years and younger, as they join in the programming at the Early Years Centre. The early childhood educators provide a play based environment that sparks children’s curiosity and follows their interests. Children explore and learn with other children and educators, which enables us to meet worry and interruption free.

As Early Learning programs are available, all participants must register.

As parents of a child with Down syndrome, we know that support from other parents has been paramount, and we would like to ensure that new parents are able to join our Mothers Connection group as soon as they are ready.

If you are a mom of a child with Down syndrome and you would like more information regarding joining our Mothers Connection, please contact Stacey Beattie by using the form on on the New Parent page.

Mothers Connection Online

Mothers Connection developed a closed Facebook group which has proven to be a successful form of support for many families. To access this group, please follow the above link and request to be added.

Being a part of the Mothers Connection group has been amazing this past year and a half. The ladies in the group are amazing. It has been my comfort knowing that when I sit with these ladies and listen to their stories, their pains, and their joys, I am not the only one with these feelings of stress or when some days are more difficult than others. These mothers understand and share my same feelings.

Cheng, mother of Xenyia, 3.5 years old.